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Is Metal Roofing Right For You?

Having a roof over your head is arguably one of the biggest blessings in life. Your roof provides you and your family with a place to call home, safe from the outside elements that could cause potential. Unfortunately, over time parts of your roof will deteriorate and become susceptible to damage and leaking, causing you to lose that sense of comfort. At Ark Roofing & Construction, we believe every homeowner in Broken Arrow deserves a roof that they can rely on. One solution we have found is metal roofing. 

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Increasing in popularity, metal roofing has become such a great option for homeowners for a few reasons!

High Wind Resistance

The first of many reasons is its high wind resistance, being able to withstand those extreme Oklahoma winds (up to 140 miles per hour). The large metal paneling used makes it hard for wind to rip off, as opposed to the shingles commonly used on roofs that come off with much greater ease.

Long-Lasting Durability

Another pro to using metal roofing is their long-lasting durability, said to last up to 50 years. As years go by the shingles deteriorating, a metal roof lasts through those years with strength and is said to have a lifespan of twice the length. Once put on, there are great chances that you will never have to replace it.

Little to No Maintenance

Because of their durability, they require little to no maintenance. The only maintenance typically required is the resealing of the bonds between the large metal slabs around every 20 years or so. In comparison to shingles who commonly endure problems with upkeep and longevity, metal roofing has a small number of problems you should encounter.

Environmentally Friendly

These environmentally friendly and energy-efficient metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat, keeping your home at a cooler temperature, in return reducing your air conditioning costs. The makeup of the metal panels is created from recycled materials, and when stripped from your home at the end of their life as a roof are 100% recyclable.

Commonly asked questions when making the switch to metal roofing:

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What If I Have Shingles Now, Can I Easily Make The Switch?


Yes! You have two options. You can either install your metal roof over your current roof, or you can choose to take off those shingles and then continue with the process of installation.

Is A Metal Roof Loud When The Weather Is Bad?


Metal roofing is normally installed either on top of your preexisting or over plywood and felt. Those materials make it difficult for sound to come through, preventing your household from any loud noises created by rain, hail, etc. 

Is A Metal Roof More Expensive Than The Conventional Roof?


In our eyes, a metal roof is a great investment! Although the initial cost is a bit more expensive, the longevity and the low maintenance cost of the metal roof itself is what makes it cheaper in the long run.

Why Should I Use Ark Roofing For My Metal Roof Installation?


At Ark Roofing we recognize and understand your desire to keep you and your family safe. As a family owned and operated business, we take pride in knowing we can bring you the peace of mind in knowing that the job was done right.  

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