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We Partner With Advocates for Africa!

Advocates for Africa is an evangelistic non-profit organization based in Rwanda, Africa. The leadership team and board of directors have a combined non-profit/ministry experience of over 100 years! Advocates exist to bring hope, compassion, and education to the continent of Africa.


The problems facing Africa may seem insurmountable, but together you and I can bring awareness and relief to the suffering. We invite you to join with us and become an advocate for Africa! Africa deserves hope, compassion, and education and with God’s help, you and I can deliver.

Tulsa Residential Roofing
Tulsa Residential Roofing

How Can You Help?

Many families in Africa endure terrible illness simply because of the roof over their heads.


These roofs often allow exposure to the elements all year round — too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, too wet during the rainy season. Most do not have the money to make these repairs themselves. This is why we have started a project called “Roofs for Rwanda,” working with the local community and government officials to identify those in the greatest need. We then supply the materials needed while the men of the village do the repairs. This creates and promotes ownership within the community among the people.


Advocates for Africa has the vision to provide 100,000 families with a new roof in the next 10 years. The cost is simply $500 per roof and is completed professionally. $500 can literally be the difference between wellness and disease.

Every time you purchase a roof with us, we donate to Roofs for Rwanda, a program through Advocates for Africa.

When you partner with us on this project, you are also choosing to help these vulnerable families in Africa receive a new roof.


Just a few weeks after your roof is completed, you’ll receive a photo of the family in Rwanda, Africa that we were able to help on your behalf.

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