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Many homeowners view siding as a strictly aesthetic decision. However, your home’s siding plays a role that is much larger than simply the outside appearance. Siding protects your home from outside elements such as rain, wind, and hail. Along with the roof of your home, the siding plays a large role in creating the safe, sturdy structure that you call home.


Broken Arrow Siding

The siding on your home is essential because, much like insulation, it helps to shield your home and insulate it from harsh weather elements. Siding ensures that you keep your home and the outside separated and helps to prevent insects, dirt, and moisture from penetrating your house. The biggest concern of these three is moisture, as it’s a year-round threat to your home. It can cause mold, mildew, and structural damage to your home if not prevented. 


If your Broken Arrow residential siding starts to fail, water is more likely to find a way into the frame of your home. When that moisture gets trapped, it can lead to rotting wood, mold growth, and other unseen damages. These problems can become much more significant if left untreated. That’s why the best care for your home is appropriately installed siding to prevent these damages! You must have proper siding to help ensure the protection of your home’s interior. Siding replacements and fixes are just as essential as adequate siding because they can help you save money on repair costs in the long run. 


Types of Broken Arrow Siding

There are several different siding options when it comes to your home. You can consider some options: wood, pine or cedar, wood shingle, engineered wood, stone veneer, vinyl, and fiber cement. Wood siding comes in different styles that can give your home a warm, natural appearance. Whatever wood siding you use, it will last longer if you use a protective finish on it. In most cases, you should remove old siding before installing new wood siding. For more information on different siding options, contact us today!


Signs You Need New Siding

If you have warping in the siding on your home, you may need to have it replaced. If you notice the siding starting to bend and pull away from the house’s surface, rainwater and moisture may have gotten underneath or behind the siding, which has caused it damage. If you notice interior damage such as peeling paint or sagging or loose wallpaper in a room, this can also be caused by moisture getting into the framework of your home. Small green or black patches on the siding are also signs that your siding may need to be replaced. If you feel along your home’s siding and notice a soft spot that gives slightly, you may have rotting boards under the siding. All of these signs are good reasons to have your siding inspected and potentially replaced. 


Ark Roofing & Construction’s Broken Arrow Siding

Our crews have been installing siding for over 15 years with the highest level of craftsmanship. That’s why you should trust our experienced team with installing the siding of your home. We treat your home like it’s ours. We want to make sure that you are as protected as you possibly can be. That’s why we spend a few extra dollars to get you the siding you need but still price competitively.


At Ark Roofing & Construction, we believe that every Broken Arrow homeowner should have access to the very best product on the market. With many years of Broken Arrow residential siding experience, we have found that James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding is the best siding product for homeowners in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and the surrounding cities.

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James Hardie Fiber-Cement Siding

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding products are our first choice for many reasons. In addition to the beautiful aesthetic they provide for the outside of your home, they also provide many structural benefits.

Flame Resistant & Non-Combustible

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding is both flame resistant and non-combustible. Not only does this provide homeowners with an added peace of mind, but it also provides valuable discounts on homeowner’s insurance policies!

Non-Water Absorbent & Weather Resistant

With the number of storms that we receive in Oklahoma and surrounding states, it is important to invest in siding that is weather resistant. James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding will protect the structure of your home from water damage caused by storms. As an added bonus, this will also provide you with greater discounts on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Termite & Pest Resistant

One common problem with many types of siding products is that they become a home for pests that can cause serious structural damage to your home. Fortunately, termites and other common pests are not attracted to fiber cement!

30-Year Warranty on Siding

Replacing the siding of your home is a daunting task. When you install James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding with Ark Roofing & Cement, you will receive a 30-year warranty.

Ark Roofing & Construction is proud to provide residential siding services to homeowners in and around Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Contact our team today to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation consultation!

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