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Broken Arrow Storm Damage Restoration Roofer in Broken Arrow


Storm damage restoration is something that every homeowner will need at some point, and for some, several times throughout their life. For those in Green Country, the latter is shown to be more true. Tulsa and the surrounding areas are known for having frequent severe weather that causes massive damage to homes, businesses, and personal property, whether it be wind, hail, flood, or tornado damage. It is important to be educated on how to prepare for these storms but also be aware of how storms may impact your property.


Broken Arrow Hail Damage Restoration


Hail damage can be some of the most tricky storm damage to deal with. Most people look for damage to their vehicles and windows but very few realize the significant damage hail causes to a roof and siding. Hail damage is something that is not as easily seen but can cause massive damage to your roof and siding over time. Hail storms, even if only a few moments long, can cause your roof to leak in significant ways that can lead to water damage and even electrical fires.


It’s important to have a certified and trustworthy carefully check for any damage to your roof after a storm. If you see signs of damage, like water spots in your ceilings or dents in gutters or window screens, it’s time to give our team a call.


We will come out and give you a completely free, no-obligation consultation and make the insurance claim process stress-free and straightforward. We’re always sure to take videos of our inspections so you can ensure that we record damage, not create it.


Broken Arrow Wind Damage Restoration


High winds can also cause severe damage to a home and should also be taken very seriously. Many homeowners think that if their roof shingles blow up during a storm but settle back down afterward, there is no significant damage. Well, similarly to hail damage, there can be wind damage that can’t be seen from the ground and is not realized until inspected by a trustworthy roofing professional.


A common mistake that homeowners make is nailing roofing shingles back on the roof that had blown off during a wind storm. This can actually make the problem worse. If the proper techniques are not utilized, improper nailing can actually create a funnel for water to channel from the roof into your attic, causing significant damage.


If you suspect there may have been wind damage to your roof, give us a call and we’d be happy to give you a free no-obligation inspection and quote for roof repair or replacement if damages are found.


Broken Arrow Home Renovation Services


At the core of our purpose (and name), renovating your home is what we are most passionate about. Our goal is to make your home a place you never want to leave. Whether it is removing your old wood siding and updating it with new James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding or replacing your old roof covered in black mold and algae streaking with a vibrant new Atlas Architectural Roof, we have you covered.


Are you feeling stuck and don’t know what to do to update your home? There are many different and even cost-effective ways to update your home in a way that will make you never want to leave. The most common ways are to update the Roof, Siding, Windows, and Paint.


Broken Arrow Roof Repair


Protecting your largest investment starts with your Broken Arrow roof. Without a durable, strong, and efficient roof system, your home is likely to experience water damage, higher energy bills, and be more susceptible to storm damage over time. At Ark Home renovations, we specialize in giving you the best no-brainer roof systems that protect against storms, reduce your energy bills, and make your house look beautiful.


At Ark Roofing & Construction, we believe Atlas Roofing Products are some of the best products a homeowner can have installed. Here’s a couple of our favorite Altas Products and some of their benefits:


Atlas StormMaster Shake Architectural Shingles – provide Class 4 Hail Impact Resistance, a 150mph wind resistance, a Scotch-guard coating to ensure no black streaking from algae and mold, and last but not least, discounts from to 15%-30% on homeowner’s insurance.


Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Architectural Shingles – our most commonly selected shingle that boasts a 50y warranty when installed by Ark Home Renovations, 130mph wind resistance, Scotch-guard coating, all at a budget-friendly price.


Broken Arrow Siding Installation & Repair


At Ark Home Renovations we believe in giving homeowners the best. Period. We are firm believers that the best Broken Arrow siding a homeowner can have installed is any James Hardie Fiber Cement product. James Hardie fiber cement siding products are the most popular choice of siding for many reasons. Here are just a few reasons to choose to have us install James Hardie products on your home:


  • Flame Resistant/Non-Combustible (discounts from insurance)
  • Non-Water Absorbent/Weather Resistant – (more discounts from insurance)
  • Completely Termite and Pest Resistant (what kind of pests like to eat fiber cement? Yep, that’s right, none.)
  • 30-year warranty (who doesn’t love a good warranty?)


If you’re looking for the very best product that is installed by true craftsmen and doesn’t break the bank, give Ark Home Renovations a call for your free no-obligation consultation.


Broken Arrow Window Installation


Your home’s windows are extremely important not only from an aesthetics standpoint but also in regard to energy. Overall, there are 3 different types of windows that homeowners have to choose from, Vinyl, Aluminum, and Wood, that can make a significant difference in the appearance of a home and also its energy efficiency.


Broken Arrow Vinyl Windows


Vinyl windows are typically the most cost-effective windows that homeowners choose. With that said, they have outstanding and even comparable performance to aluminum and wood windows. Vinyl windows are very efficient, stand the test of time, and make any house look great.


Broken Arrow Aluminum Windows


This style of window is less common, but still provides exceptional performance and requires little maintenance. Aluminum windows are a great option for a modern spin and high durability.


Broken Arrow Wood Windows


Although more costly, wood windows combine superior elegance and warmth with day-to-day life and functionality. Wood windows are truly a work of art and will provide the finishing touch in your home or business.


At Ark Home Renovations, we pride ourselves in using brands such as Pella and Simonton windows for our customers. We believe in the quality, price point, and reputation of these manufacturers and would love to give you a free in-home consultation about what may work best for you and your family. Give us a call or shoot us a text today to schedule your free no-obligation consultation.


Residential & Commercial Painting In Broken Arrow


We believe a new coat of paint on your home’s exterior can make a huge difference. We pride ourselves in using Sherwin Williams paint products and professionally trained crews to paint your home with the highest level of attention and care. Once our painters arrive, you’ll see what makes Ark Home Renovations different from the competition. Give us a call for your free no-obligation estimate.